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Low Capacity Copy Machines 22-33 PPM

Low capacity machines are ideal for 1-3 users in a small workgroup setting. Typical customers include small accounting firms and real estate offices.

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Medium Capacity Copy Machines 35-50 PPM

Medium Capacity Machines are ideal for small/mid sized offices with approximately 5-20 light duty users requiring a networked solution. Typical customers include political campaign offices, mid sized accounting/tax preperation firms and other companies experiencing increases in the level of printing/copying/scanning in a given year.

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High Capacity Copy Machines 60-85 PPM

High Capacity Machines are geared toward the most demanding situations, when speed is a necessity! These machines are a must for a large conference or trade show. Our typical customers include conference centers, and large hotels hosting events.

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Color Copy Machines 22-32 PPM

Medium Capacity Color Machines have a wide range of users, theses machines have all the same great features as the medium series machines with the capability of creating brilliant color copies.

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Desktop Copiers / Fax Machines

Desktop machines and faxes are primarily designed for home office, single user copying, printing and faxing.

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